Who are Chamber Members?
The Greater Franklin County Chamber of Commerce has a diverse membership body including retirees, non-profit and start-up companies and large, international companies.

If the company I work for is a member, does that mean I am a member, too?
Yes! When a company becomes a Chamber member, all employees of that company’s local branch/office have full access to Chamber programs, events and benefits.

How can I get my name and title listed on the Chamber’s web site under my company name?
The Chamber provides the primary representative of the company or organization free name and title placement under their company/organization name. For an additional $150 per year, you can also have your name and title listed on our web site under your company/organization name. This is particularly valuable for realtors, lenders and others promoting their specific services.

How can the Chamber help me save money?
For many businesses, the Chamber is valued like an additional staff member for your company or organization. The Chamber provides numerous opportunities to connect with business owners and professionals and with governmental elected officials and senior staff. The Chamber also provides programs to enhance member professional and business development.

How can I use the Chamber to market my business?
By advertising on the Chamber website or in a Chamber publication, or by sponsoring a Chamber event or program, one will be able to increase their company and/or individual visibility and exposure within the Chamber membership body and the greater Franklin county business community.

What is the best way to use the Chamber to build my business network?
The best way to build your business network is to develop relationships with other Chamber members. All Chamber programs are designed to give you an opportunity to make new contacts and strengthen existing relationships. The more events and programs you attend and the more actively you participate, the faster and deeper your network will grow.


We produce a number of programs that are specifically designed for networking. Another way to build your network is by volunteering at a Chamber event or program or by joining a planning committee. This provides an opportunity to increase your visibility and demonstrate your professionalism and expertise to a wide audience.

How can the Chamber help me build my professional skills?
The Chamber has many programs to help you develop the skills you need to excel in business. Program offerings are updated on an ongoing basis to ensure we are matching what we have to offer to members’ needs. We want to hear from you about what you would like to see in the way of new offerings.

How can I help shape Chamber activities and programs?
Most of the Chamber’s programs have planning committees that help create the content of the programs. You can contribute as a member of the committee or, depending on your level of expertise and experience; as a committee chair. For more information on how to join a committee, give the Chamber a call at (919) 496-3056.

How do I find out about speaking at Chamber events?
The Chamber is always looking for good speakers and workshop leaders. We book speakers on topics that are relevant to our ongoing series, and we always look to our membership. Please send the Chamber an outline of your proposed presentation, a profile of your target audience and an overview of your speaking experience, including references.

How do I use the Chamber for business leads and referrals?
As you attend Chamber events and programs and expand your network, you will have access to people who are in a position to provide you with business leads. As you get to know them and they gain trust in your professionalism, your fellow Chamber members can become an important source of referrals for your business. Also, the Chamber receives calls from all over the country looking for referrals on businesses or services in the Franklin County area. The Chamber only provides referrals to members. Additionally, we encourage members and the public to view our online Member Directory at www.franklin-chamber.org.

How can I stay informed on legislative and community issues that affect my business?
The Chamber provides several events geared specifically for members to network with governmental elected officials and senior staff and to hear from them pertaining to legislation affecting the business community. Also, the Chamber provides some public policy communication through our e-newsletter (if you are a member and not receiving the e-newsletter, call us at (919) 496-3056 and ask to be put on the subscriber list). The Chamber is interested in providing event and program venues and communication via our e-newsletter to keep members aware of current news.

Attendance at Public Policy events and programs throughout the year is strongly encouraged for members who wish to keep abreast of the latest issues and who want to build relationships with elected officials and senior governmental staff.

How can I stay informed on what is happening at the Chamber?
The Chamber has a variety of communication tools designed to keep members informed about what is going on in and around the Chamber and the business community. Two primary ways to stay informed are the web site and e-newsletter.

Does the Chamber have publications that can be of use to my business?
Yes. The Chamber produces a quality of life magazine, a county map, Membership Directory and e-newsletter.