The Greater Franklin County Chamber of Commerce provides numerous benefits for members.

Business Directory – Your business name and contact information will be listed in our business directory and will be available to members and the public.

Networking – The Chamber provides numerous opportunities for members to have access to governmental elected officials and senior staff, business and community leaders, and key people who work to improve our economy.

Public Policy – The Chamber will advocate for, educate, and/or endorse pro-business legislation that may affect member businesses.

Communication – The Chamber will communicate to members primarily through our e-newsletter.

Advertising Opportunities – The Chamber offers members many opportunities to advertise their business through sponsorship of an event or program throughout the year.

Committee Involvement – The Chamber has a number of working committees including government affairs and events.

Volunteer Involvement – The Chamber offers many volunteer opportunities for members to take advantage of through our events and programs held during the year.

Referral Service – The Chamber only refers members to requests for company information.

Please click here if you would like to download a copy of our 2016 membership application.