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Splitting the Win

Tar Banks Brewing Company at 108 N. Main Street in Louisburg was the venue hosting the First Annual Truck Raffle on Thursday night, June 14th, 2018. 

The winners from left:  Parker Lumpkin, Randy Lanham standing in for Austin Murray, Daniel White and Matthew Winslow.  Not shown: Blaine Holmes and Ryan Woodlief.



With four tickets left to be drawn from the drum, the final four ticket holders started joining forces to sell interest in one ticket, and to reduce the risk and maximize the potential for a win in the other 3 remaining tickets.  The winners formed alliances to insure they would all win.  Parker Lumpkin, Randy Lanham (on behalf of Austin Murray) and Matthew Winslow each took 1/4 interest in the truck.  Daniel White, Blaine Holmes and Ryan Woodlief each bought or sold an interest in the fourth ticket for the 4th 1/4 interest in the truck.  In all the commotion, it wasn’t clear who the fourth ticket holder was that sold partial interest in that ticket to the other two.

The winner of the reverse raffle was always going to have the option to take a cash prize as opposed to taking possession of the truck, and these lucky ticket holders were each willing to take a portion of that prize rather than risk it all.  There was a lot of ‘horse-trading’ going on, some good laughs and high-fives taking place as the victors came down to the wire on their deals. 

Burger 21 supplied great meals to each ticket holder via their Food Truck, and Tar Banks Brewing Company was serving up the beer and wine.  Unbelievably good! 

Universal Chevrolet out of Wendell sponsored the raffle and provided the truck.


Other prizes included: 

A gift basket filled with Yeti cups and accessories provided by Holmes Insurance Services of Youngsville

Two all-day passes for a family of 4 to Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville

A $50 gift certificate to Johnny Bull’s Steakhouse in Louisburg

A $50 gift certificate to Milton’s Pizza and Pasta in Raleigh

Two $50 gift certificates to The Farmer’s Kitchen in Bunn

A $50 gift certificate to Rustic Building Supply in Louisburg, and

A box of one dozen Titleist ProV1x Golf Balls provided by the Franklin County Farm Bureau. 

Every 50th ticket drawn received their choice of the prizes.