Lunch & Learn

The Greater Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn series is designed to provide small business owners and operators valuable information on subjects vital to the success of their businesses.  The series strives to provides participants insight into basic management activities vital to operating a successful and sustainable business.    The lunch and learns are free to attend and lunch is always provided.

January 11th 2017:  Creating a Better Business Plan for 2017
March: Effectively Managing Conflict
May: Training with Impact – How to Conduct Meaningful Trainings
July: Crisis Management & Disaster Planning
September: TBD
November: Employee Benefits

Past and future Lunch and Lunch topics included …

Business Planning

This session provided an overview of how developing and operationalizing an effective plan to ensure profitability. Many business leaders feel they don’t have the time to create a business plan, which is critical and not doing so virtually assures less than optimal performance.  The Business Planning sessions explore and provide sample business plans and offer practical advice on how to create your own.

Finance & Profitability

Money is to business as oxygen is to humans. In many cases, small businesses owners do not have a clear understanding of where their money goes. The failure of not understand cash flow is one main reason why businesses do not succeed. The Finance and Profitability sessions explore this important connection and offer practical advice business owners can apply.

Overtime Exemption Ruling

Department of Labor released their overtime rule, marking another challenge for businesses across the state and nation. The rule, which takes effect December 1, 2016, doubles the salary threshold for which businesses must pay overtime. Employees making less than $47,476 a year are now required to receive overtime for any hours worked over 40 hours. The result of this ruling is that job creators may have to make difficult decisions about how to control costs while determining how they classify and pay employees.

Disaster Preparedness Planning

Businesses of all sizes should plan for more than just supply and demand. Floods, fires, hurricanes and security threats pose serious risks no matter where your business is located. Business models that incorporate preparedness, response, and recovery plans not only ensure they survive, but also thrive!