3rd Annual Truck Raffle WINNERS!!

Winners of the gift cards, blanket, and Cooler listed below!!

Ray Bunn # 11 – $25 Milton’s GC
Charles Turner # 38 – $25 Sheetz GC
Cason Ozinga # 130 – $25 Milton’s GC
Dawn Miller # 133 – $25 Visa GC
Jeremy Hundley # 144 – Blanket
Daniel Grasso # 218 – $25 Visa GC
Ricky Faulkner # 345 – Cooler
Jennie Driscoll # 416 – $25 Sheets GC

On Wednesday September 9th, the Chamber of Commerce had 10 Truck Raffle Tickets left and those 10 ticket holders where called. The Chamber asked every ticket holder if they would like to split the cash prize of $20,000 or keep going for the 2019 Ford Ranger Truck.

All 10 ticket holders chose to split the cash prize of $20,000!!!

Here is the list of the 10 ticket holders that decided to take the cash prize:

John Winstead

Chad Champion

Sidrick Roberson

Helen Gilliam

Bert Beard

Autumn Collier

Anna Monaco

Melissa Nemeth

Five Automotive

Blaine Holmes

Congratulations on winning $2,000 each!!!!

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